Darla Bennett Designs

About my creations

 My handbags and accessories are made one at a time in my sewing studio.  I rarely make exactly the same purse twice; I like each one to be an individual.  I don't buy large quantities of fabric, so it would be pretty rare for you to run into someone who had exactly the same purse.  I try to switch out the hardware or some other detail to make each one unique.  Each piece is made to my exacting standards of high quality.  I sometimes use a pattern created by another source (I only sell bags made from another source's pattern if given permission to do so), and I also use my own patterns.  Mostly I create just because I love the process.  I like to learn new sewing techniques and Deb at Gall Sewing has been so patient as I try out different things.  

I love to sew, but I'm not a photographer.  So please disregard any terrible photography you are about to see! 

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