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Pillowcase for Aunt Vanita
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I haven't had a lot of sewing time lately.  The school year is winding down and there's always a ton of stuff to fit in before it gets here.  I did make a special purse for my friend Teri's mom.  I named it the "Marilyn" after her.  It was based on two of my favorite bags, but I designed the pattern myself.  Took way longer than I thought it would!  It's a small shoulder bag with a large outer pocket for cell phone and keys and a nice sturdy, stand-on-it's-own bottom.  Also, since I have the buy three get one free program going on, I made a denim tote for Teri to take on her "girls only" weekend.  It doesn't photograph well, but it can fit everything she needs for a weekend away.  Mega cute denim with little butterflies embossed on it!
I made myself a new little bag for Spring.  It's much smaller than I'm used to, but I really like it.  I'll make a few changes on the next one, but I will definitely make it again.  The pattern is from ithinksew.com.  Also, I'm trying to fit in a few sewing projects for the house.  I made a couple of throw pillows and am hoping to make a couple more.  I forgot how easy they are and they add so much to our newly decorated living room.  :)
Kim special ordered a few gifts and I actually got them done on time!  Molly needed a new pillowcase and she likes it when she can smell Koko, so Koko slept on it before I shipped it.  Weird, I know, but we love them!  Kim's friend Linda is having some surgery so she wanted a pillowcase for her (Koko did not sleep on this one!).  The lady at JoAnn's accidentally cut too much fabric (that NEVER happens!), so I made a little cutie pouch, too.  
Here's a little cutie that I made with my new ruffler foot.  I plan on giving this bag to my friend, Kelly B. at GVSU.  She was kind enough to hand deliver a printer to me when I desperately needed it.  Kelly wants to start making wine, so I'm going to put a pretty blue  wine bottle in the bag to encourage her to get started.  :)  This little bag is made with grosgrain ribbons and uses a nice stiff interior fabric so that the bag behaves and stands on its own.  It was a fun and quick project to work on.
I wanted to make a little something for Pres. and Mrs. Lubbers and decided on making them some pillowcases for travel pillows. I ordered some memory foam travel pillows and sewed up these cases with handles and an easy zipper closure in back.  I'm happy with how they turned out.  I hope they like them!   My prototype pillow is in a mock quilted fabric.  These little pillows are so nice for sitting and reading or behind your back in the car.  Not much sewing going on due to a lovely virus that decided to come visit me.  Gotta love winter.....
My friend Teri ordered two purses for special people in her life and I finally finished them.  She has been very patient as my life keeps getting in the way of sewing!  The brown and tan purse is made with dark brown vinyl crocodile and cotton material.  The denim purse is embossed with little silver dots in an all over diamond pattern and features a ruffled top edge (which I made with my new ruffling foot).  The lining in the denim purse is a real pick-me-up with cowboy hats on the pockets.  :)
Jeremy is having his tonsils out so I made him a little travel pillow to take with him to the hospital out of a tshirt of his that he gave me quite awhile ago.  There's just nothing like having your favorite tshirt with you.  We are praying for your surgery and for a fast recovery, Jeremy!  Your pillow is at your grandma's house.

I had a lovely lunch today with my Aunt Vanita.  I delivered her flannel pillowcase to her and she loves it.  I love it when that happens!  :)
My sister-in-law came over to spend the day and we spontaneously decided to make a cardigan from a pattern that I saw in a sewing magazine.  We went to JoAnn's and bought a $2.00 yellow t shirt and 1/2 a yard of knit fabric that we loved and off we went!  Cyndi cut and pinned and I did the sewing.  I like how it turned out for our first t shirt recon adventure.  It is super comfy.  I know, because I wore it all morning before giving it to her.  I'm going to make one for myself, as soon as I have time.....
Congratulations to the winners of the three pillowcases.  Vanita, Leora, and Jody!!  :)  They will be in the mail soon!  Stay tuned for future giveaways....


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