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I made myself a new little bag for Spring.  It's much smaller than I'm used to, but I really like it.  I'll make a few changes on the next one, but I will definitely make it again.  The pattern is from ithinksew.com.  Also, I'm trying to fit in a few sewing projects for the house.  I made a couple of throw pillows and am hoping to make a couple more.  I forgot how easy they are and they add so much to our newly decorated living room.  :)
Kim special ordered a few gifts and I actually got them done on time!  Molly needed a new pillowcase and she likes it when she can smell Koko, so Koko slept on it before I shipped it.  Weird, I know, but we love them!  Kim's friend Linda is having some surgery so she wanted a pillowcase for her (Koko did not sleep on this one!).  The lady at JoAnn's accidentally cut too much fabric (that NEVER happens!), so I made a little cutie pouch, too.  
Here's a little cutie that I made with my new ruffler foot.  I plan on giving this bag to my friend, Kelly B. at GVSU.  She was kind enough to hand deliver a printer to me when I desperately needed it.  Kelly wants to start making wine, so I'm going to put a pretty blue  wine bottle in the bag to encourage her to get started.  :)  This little bag is made with grosgrain ribbons and uses a nice stiff interior fabric so that the bag behaves and stands on its own.  It was a fun and quick project to work on.
I wanted to make a little something for Pres. and Mrs. Lubbers and decided on making them some pillowcases for travel pillows. I ordered some memory foam travel pillows and sewed up these cases with handles and an easy zipper closure in back.  I'm happy with how they turned out.  I hope they like them!   My prototype pillow is in a mock quilted fabric.  These little pillows are so nice for sitting and reading or behind your back in the car.  Not much sewing going on due to a lovely virus that decided to come visit me.  Gotta love winter.....


    I have a busy family life, a couple of different jobs, and so many creative ideas going around in my head.  I really am pressed for time....


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